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Jens Peter Andersen,

Product & Department Manager,

Wind and Renewable,

Bladt Indusries

Flexible and Qualified Consultants on Various Projects at Bladt Industries

"A-LEAF is providing Bladt Industries with consultants on various levels - all from QC Inspectors to Senior Project Managers and Design Engineers. They are all highly qualified and have the right attitude to perform from day one.

When I have a request on consultants, A-LEAF is always quick to provide us with several qualified candidates and they show a good understanding of what I need as a client. I appreciate the flexibility and quality of consultants A-LEAF is providing.

I see consultants from A-LEAF have a large commitment to their tasks and our projects are benefitting from their experience and professionalism. They are easily adopted into our organizational structure."

Jan Rønberg,

Senior Market

Director Offshore Wind,


QA Rewiev on Design Specifications at COWI A/S

"A-LEAF has in the past year supported us with QA review of our design -specifications.

A-LEAF has a professional approach and possess highly capable, expertise in QC of the final foundation production.

Their focus and motivation towards cost optimization has provided us with a positive impact through the Review Process.

We have appreciated and benefitted from A-LEAF’s; Professional approach, Proactivity, Heavy steel technical know-how, Wind & Offshore industry and manufacturing know-how.

We have experienced that all Specialists (EWI, Metallurgy, NDT and QA Lead Auditors), we meet from A-LEAF has always been open to share their knowledge and have commitment to the project. 

We look forward to continue our work with A-LEAF."

Ole Teglgaard,


Resoulx Group

Optimization in Manufacturing Processes at Resolux Group

"We have been through a general optimization process of our group and it was decided that production optimization where to be outsourced.

The choice fell on A-LEAF and it turned out to be a good choice.

From day one, we met a very large commitment from A-LEAF side and we have throughout the project benefited from great experience and professionalism as A-LEAF.

The analysis phase was very thorough and the subsequent material was accessible to all involved in Resolux.

All findings, analysis and optimization findings were presented to the staff.  We here saw that the presentation really changed people's view of their own work and they immediately realized opportunities for a lot of improvement, and everyone got a positive input on the possibilities for improvement.

We can only give the best recommendations!


Resolux Group is a global company with 100 employees which provides systems solutions for the wind industry in the "tower internals"."


Dean Drinkwater,


Hutchington Engineering

Optimized Manufacturing Facilities & Lean Production at Hutchington Enginering


"Working in partnership with A-LEAF from the outset, enabled us to bring our new tower facility quality and productivity to the required levels in a much shorter timescale than would otherwise have been possible. Our continued partnership with A-LEAF gives us instant access to all of the required specialist fields as and when the need arises. 


Hutchington Engineering is based in the UK with approximately 100 employees, manufacturing wind towers and steel components."

Other References:

  • Bladt Industries, Aalborg, Denmark - Senior Project Manager for Foundation Project
  • MT-Hoejgaard / Skanska, Sweden & Spain - Hissingebron Bridge Project
  • SIF, Romania & Netherlands - Quality Assurance / Audit / 3-Party Inspection
  • Bladt Industries, Aalborg, Denmark - Project Manager on production of TP’s for Hornsea & Hornsea Reef
  • Ørsted, Denmark & UK, Hornsea 1, - Senior Project & Electrical Manager, MP’s / TP’s,
  • Ørsted, Denmark & UK, Hornsea 1, - Review on drawings and design and implementing QA/QC system in start up of new heavy steel facility for tower fabrication for onshore turbines,
  • Bladt Industries, Aalborg, Denmark - Quality Inspection on cables for Offshore Substation (OSS),
  • Hutchinson Engineering, UK and Denmark - Project Manager/ QA/QC Manager for tower fabrication for onshore turbines,
  • Hutchinson Engineering, Denmark and UK - Optimization of tower fabrication for onshore turbines in UK – higher/efficient and output,
  • Ørsted, Cuxhaven, Germany - Q-management on onshore production of 170 7MW Nacelles for Hornsea,
  • Bladt Industries, Finland - QA/QC inspection of TP for Beatrice project,
  • Bladt Industries, Lindø, Denmark - HSE Manager on Jacket foundation fabrication, Beatrice project,
  • Bladt Industries, Latvia and Germany - QA/QC inspection of Jacket components for Beatrice Project,
  • Swire Blue Ocean, Finland - QA Manager on Sea Fastening on Orca, app. 200 t steel to be montaged on deck, Beatrice Project,
  • Bladt Industries, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Belgium and Germany - Senior Project Manager/Structural Designer/Design Eng./ for offshore jacket foundation, Beatrice project,
  • Bladt Industries, Germany - QA/QC on Jacket legs, Beatrice project,
  • Ørsted, Lindø, Denmark - Senior QA, 8MW WTG, Borkhum Riffgrund 2 and Walney Extension 3,
  • MHI Vestas, Poland and Denmark - QA/QC on transportation equipment for WTG,
  • MT-Hoejgaard, Sweden - Senior Project Manager/ QA Manager on 200 t surfaces and steel constructions lift & swing steel Bridge of Södre Marieholm,
  • Grundfos, Denmark, China, and France - Project Manager on pumping systems,
  • COWI, Denmark - QA on foundation design, Formosa project,


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