QA & Q-HSE Management & Know-how

ISO 9001 certified

QA & Q-HSE Management & Know-how

Avoid Expensive Delays & Costs

Do you know what it takes and how to manage necessary Quality & Safety requirements?


Quality issues have a major impact on your projects and may result in expensive delays and unexpected costs.

In A-LEAF we help you in assuring and controlling quality during all project phases. Our specialists have extensive experience within quality control in the Wind Industry and can provide you with the needed know-how and expertise to optimize your projects.


Q-HSE development and control

We also offer specialists within Q-HSE that can manage, develop, and control your safety organization making sure that you meet your customer’s requirements.

We always operate in compliance with industry standards.




A-LEAF offers specialists that can support you in:

  • Q-HSE management On- and Offshore
  • Developing of Q-HSE plans
  • Assessment and management of QA systems
  • QA-QC of drawings and specifications
  • QA-QC of specifications and work instructions
  • QA-QC inspection of productions
  • QA-QC of final production documentation



Get in touch with us for further information and a discussion on how we can assist you in your QA & Q-HSE.


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